Solo Exhibition

Steve Turner
Los Angeles, CA
April 27, 2023
May 29, 2023
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Press Release

Xenogenesis unravels the intriguing crossroads between the elemental and the avant-garde, delving into the concept of creation in its multifaceted forms - biological, cultural, and spiritual. The title, "Xenogenesis," derived from the Greek words for "alien" and "birth," hints at the astonishing reality of offspring diverging significantly from their progenitors, a conception born across species lines. This idea of unconventional creation, transformation, and amalgamation echoes profoundly throughout the exhibition.

Vincent's sculptures take physical form as living entities that deviate radically from their antecedents. They meld supple, organic contours, symbolically potent arrangements, and fragments of nature into a vibrant equipoise. These sculptures capture the essence of creation, the enigma of the unfamiliar, and our profound connection with nature. They mirror life's intricate interdependence and the collective mythologies that bind humanity together.

The displayed sculptures create a harmonious balance between chaos and order, fusing surreal, symmetrical elements to construct an ethereal tableau. Adorned with complex vascular patterns, blossoming flora, artificial genitalia, and electric nodes, these art pieces invoke images of an extraterrestrial haven or a future-world relic. With inspiration drawn from the Buddhist temples and iconography that Chen encountered during his formative years, the exhibition space serves as a crossroads between the archaic and the modern, the familiar and the cryptic.

Xenogenesis embarks on a comprehensive exploration of creation in its many aspects — biological, cultural, spiritual, and technological. It invites contemplation on our ever-evolving relationship with our surroundings and our ceaselessly metamorphosing identities. In a world often overwhelmed by rapid technological progression and mass production, where connections to nature and spirituality can feel distant, Xenogenesis beckons its viewers to reignite their awe. It encourages them to accept the fluidity of human boundaries and to discover the potential within the juncture of our primordial roots and future-facing innovations.