The Entelechians

Group Exhibition

Chicago, IL
April 8, 2022
May 14, 2022
Featured Artists:

Press Release

According to Aristotle, there is a specific type of energy that, for living things, shepherds the potential into the realm of the actual. We see evidence of this energy in the metabolism and growth of plants and animals. However, for the human, there is something more at work than biological change. Rather than a rote biochemical process, this force is expressed in our distinctive ability to reason. It flourishes where, through foresight, our very being transforms into a meaningful life, and we find harmony in actualizing our true selves. Aristotle coined the word entelechy to theorize this unique force, noting that it is fully revealed when one strives towards self-perfection and, by doing so, realizes one’s purpose. This energy is found in many aspects of human achievement such as the writing of philosophy or the formation of state and civil society, but nowhere is it more evident than the world of art. Here we see a form of expression that transcends more typical forms of communication. In this transcendence we experience a force capable of challenging societal paradigms, drawing our attention to new ways of thinking and perceiving. We experience the ability of this energy, through its very existence as something beautiful, to inspire others to realize their own purposes as well. In that vein, we proudly present The Entelechians, a group show bringing together contemporary artists that have tapped into this energy, ushering in new ways of examining and celebrating our shared world. Each artist reveals an Aristotelian world that is constantly growing, developing, and self-actualizing. Our hope is that through the experience of their collective work, others will be able to encounter and celebrate the power of entelechy.
-Rob and Eric Thomas-Suwall